DigiMod3d World Design and Creation

To imagine and create things is at the center of who I am. Part of my mental makeup is that I'm in a perpetual state of learning. For the better part of the last decade I've been honing my skills in digital art creation with a focus on modeling in the tradition of classic animation. From the very first moment I've been completely hooked by the power of this medium to bring imagined ideas to life.

On a basic level, I'm a person who thrives on cranking out work and perfecting details. I have produced a large body of traditional artwork, mainly sculpure. I've taken numerous traditional art courses at the college level, Bronze casting, Design courses, Life Sculpting and more. Still, the majority of what I do is self taught, interest driven learning.

My goal now is to To contribute to the production of spectacular work while always improving my individual capacity to create. I want nothing more than to collaborate with and learn from the brightest minds in the field. I'm confident in my ability to effectively meet artistic and design challenges with excellence.

Chris Meyers